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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions for Floor Register Trap

Floor vents and registers are generally in use for balancing the in and outflow of air. Specifically, floor vents are of greater use when delivering superior heat. Vents are mainly useful in maintaining the temperature of the room.

Most often it is seen there a quite a few questions asked about the vents, registers and covers. We have taken a chance to cover those in the below list of FAQs to help better in clearing the confusion.

Here are some of the most common questions asked about Floor Air vents, Floor registers and Vent Covers. Take a look, hope we can be of some help.

1. What are Floor Air Vents?

The opening on a floor enables the circulation of Air or Smoke inside a room or any closed area.

2. Are registers and vent Covers the same?

No, both of them are different.

A register is like a grille that is placed above your vent. A register is capable of controlling the direction of the air that comes in. It can also determine the volume of Air that comes in by simply pressing the lever on the register’s damper that opens or closes the shutter on it.

A Vent cover is simply a cover that shields/ hides a vent. Naturally, they are placed above the vents.

3. Is it ok to cover the vents?

Ideally, no. The heating and cooling system is unaware of the face the vent is covered and no matter can pass through. If you cover a vent, it disrupts the flow of air. Also, air gets pumped up on that vent. In such a situation, if the cold air is pumped on and hot air isn’t pulled out by the return vent, the whole ventilation process goes out of system!

4. How to clean floor air vents?

  1. Turn off the heating/cooling system of the house. This helps in preventing the scrap from circulating while cleaning of the vents.

  2. Use a vacuum cleaner/cloth to clean the scrap from the vent.

  3. Remove the vent by removing the screws. Place it on a cloth/paper that helps in keeping the floor clean.

  4. While removing, there are chances of more scrap being stuck on the splits (crevice) of it. Clean it with the help of vacuum/wet cloth.

  5. If needed, wash it in a dishwasher/manually.

  6. Once whole of the vent is cleaned, place it back and screw it tight as it was.

Note: A metal vent can be washed in a Dish washer at its normal cycle. The vents that are made of plastic, wood or are painted should be handwashed because:

  1. High temperature in a dishwasher can cause cracks to the plastic and wooden elements.

  2. The force of water and harsh cleaners can ruin the paint on your vent.

5. What you should/shouldn’t do while washing a vent?

  1. Do’s:

  2. While using a Dishwasher for the first time while washing a vent, place one in the same and rotate a cycle (To make sure that the vent is safe to be washed in a dishwasher).

  3. Keep the dishwasher cycle short. It is enough to clean the vent.

  4. Use sponge/paint brush to clean the vents that cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

  5. Use a bucket filled with warm water and dish soap to wash vents that cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

  6. After you’re done with washing the vent, pat it dry with a dry cloth to avoid rusting.

  7. Don’ts:

  8. Don’t pile the vents on top of each other while washing them in a Dish washer.

6. How to childproof a floor vent?

  1. Secure them in place. Nail them on the floor to avoid your toddler from lifting the floor register.

  2. To prevent the damage on the floor, you can also use a Velcro or a double- sided tape to stick the register to the floor.

  3. Also, you can use a vinyl screen. It can help you block the opening of the Floor air vents from children. Apparently, your toddler cannot drop your valuable little things in the ductwork.

  4. Stick the screen under your vent covers to apply double security.

  5. Circulation of air won’t stop and your toddler will surely not be attracted by the vents!

  6. Use plastic vent covers. A plastic vent cover is safe for a toddler while a metallic one is sharp and is capable of cutting at the snap of a finger.

A floor register trap is effective in catching the valuables and solid scrap which falls into your duct.

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