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How Do I Childproof My Floor Register Trap - Screen for Home Improvement

Believe it or not, most of our household items are not child-friendly. For example, a floor register trap may seem childproof and safe. However, they can cause some minor injuries with children. Kids like exploring different areas of the house. Oftentimes, they get fixated on a particular object or area.

Unfortunately, these floor registers that they often see on the ground attract their attention. They stick their fingers into the register which can become stuck in the grills. In worse cases, they may even suffer from minor to major injuries from playing around these structures. That is why it is important to ensure they are childproof. In this article, we will discuss some of the effective ways you can childproof your floor register traps.

1. Install a Floor Register Screen.

Even if your floor registers are securely in place, sometimes they are still not totally childproof. Installing a floor register trap or screen is the best solution. These floor register trap filters do not only childproof them. Apart from this, they also catch any objects that may fall through the floor register. Thus, it also saves you from losing some of your knick-knacks and valuables at home.

Furthermore, these screens are typically quick and easy to install. The first thing to do is to remove the floor register. Depending on the type, you may need to unscrew or use special tools. Then, install the trap on the bottom of the register. Make sure to be careful with this step to avoid tearing the net. Then, you can now re-install the register back into the duct opening.

If you wish for a professional to install them, you can most certainly opt to do so. Most companies offer free installations for their floor register filters or screens. It’s beneficial if you know how to remove and install these registers yourself. This is because you need to regularly clean the traps.

These floor register traps are also easy to fit. They come in a bunch of sizes so you won’t have to worry about finding the right fit. Moreover, they can fit securely on the floor registers without changing its exterior look or altering its function.

2. Cover your Floor, Register.

Another way to childproof your floor register trap - screen for home air is to simply cover it up. Simply restricting their access to them will do the trick. You can do so by moving furniture like dressers in front of the register. You can also use chairs and other objects to place on top of the register. This will ensure that the airflow won’t be blocked even if your kids won’t have access to them. You do not want to completely cover up the register but only to camouflage it. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say.

However, this is hoping that your child will eventually outgrow their interest with your floor registers. You can cover it up until your child is old enough to not poke around vents and floor registers. This approach is a less permanent solution but it won’t cost you anything.

On another note, some prefer to completely cover their floor registers for an indeterminate period of time. Some use cardboards and packaging tape to temporarily cover them up. This may work if you’re only covering just one or two-floor registers that are exposed to your children. However, it is not recommended to cover up all of your floor registers. This is because you need air circulation in the space.

3. Secure your Floor Registers.

Oftentimes, children lift the registers off of the duct opening. This is because most registers are not properly secured on the floors. They are easy to lift even by children which makes it hazardous. Sometimes, the lack of a few screws is what makes it less secure. You can remedy this by simply screwing or hammering them on the floor.

If you want a less permanent and destructive solution, you can use less permanent methods. Some people use double-sided tapes or Velcro to keep the floor registers secure. Some even use normal masking or packaging tape to secure them down. Moreover, other people sometimes use glue to hold them down. They are typically secure enough so that your children wouldn’t be able to lift them. However, this remedy doesn’t solve the issue of children poking their fingers inside the register or vents.

4. Go with Plastic Floor Registers

The reason why floor registers can be a hazard to children is that they are made of metal. Oftentimes, the edges and corners of these metal floor registers are sharp. When your children poke their fingers around, they can get cuts and abrasions.

Thus, the simple solution is to switch out for a plastic one. Plastic is much more child-friendly in terms of cuts. However, you will still need to make sure the plastic registers are firmly secure on the floor. You can refer to Tip #3 for this.

The only downside to this solution is when it comes to aesthetics. Plastic floor registers can sometimes look off or cheap against your home’s design and aesthetics. But if this doesn’t matter to you, then it’s a good and cheap semi-permanent solution to this issue.

It may not be the best solution but it certainly works in terms of preventing injuries. This is often a good adjunct solution on top of installing a floor register screen. You can easily find them in home improvement stores or online.

Floor registers are important components in our homes. They are vital in providing our homes with proper and safe ventilation. This allows us and our families to enjoy fresh air and helps us avoid any airborne diseases. However, with little children running around and exploring, this may be unsafe. Fortunately, using floor register screens and traps will help eliminate this risk and hazard. It’s important to purchase high-quality register traps to ensure they will last a long time.

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