Floor Register Trap

Screen for Home Air Vent Filters

Features & Benefits

Available in

4"x10" and 4"x12" Sizes

  • SIZE : Floor Register Trap is Small & Lightweight. It will not mold or mildew. Does not work with flush mounted registers.


  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION PROCESS : Remove register and flip it over. Insert the Floor register trap onto the bottom of the register. Reinsert the register in the opening and make sure the register is secure and operational.


  • APPLICATION: Netting catches debris,toys, pet hair, money, keys, jewelry that falls through the air vents.


  • FITTING: Fits securely under existing floor registers without altering the look or function

  • PACK OF 2 : You will get pack of 2 nylon floor register trap screen collapses with slim packaging.

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